MWBE Certified in PA, NJ and MA.

Position: Senior-Software Engineers /Systems /Programmer Analyst

Location: North Brunswick, NJ


Responsibilities include performing analysis, design, programming, development, testing/QA, integration, management, installation, configuration, deployment, migration and customization of client server and web-based applications, databases, networks, servers, websites and systems, assist with Software/IT projects planning, scheduling and management tasks and IT proposals development & presentations, etc. using several computer programming languages, technologies and tools, etc. North Brunswick, NJ with some brief/occasional domestic travels


MS/MA degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, Engineering or MIS/IT, Technology or related fields. Employer will also consider other equivalent suitable alternative combination of education and experiences that equips candidates with requisite skills, abilities and experiences to perform core duties of this senior-level job such as MS/MA degree or foreign equivalent in Engineering, Math, Science, Physics, MBA/Business, Tech. or related fields and 1 year experience in related occupation such a Programmer Analyst, Systems / Business Analyst, Database Administrators/Developers, Software Developers, Network / Systems Administrator, Technical / Team Lead, QA Analyst/Testor, Website Developer / Architect, etc.


Send detailed resume with references to Attn:  HR, Smart Source Technologies, Inc., 622 Georges Road, Suite 104, North Brunswick, NJ 08902.


Send detailed resume with at least three references to Attn: HR, Smart Source Technologies, Inc., 622 Georges Road,Suite 104, North Brunswick, NJ 08902

or EMAIL resume to: